The Importance of Socially Responsible Investing

The global economy has been built by companies who often act as poor corporate citizens, ignoring their impact on human rights and the environment.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) offers investors the opportunity to reward those companies that have evolved from this archaic past and are working to build the sustainable economy of the future.

Social investors looking to invest for financial return in companies that conformed to their social values have traditionally turned to investment advisory firms that specialize in SRI. In the past these advisory firms have focused primarily on U.S. stocks, as social research on domestic companies has been more readily available and trustworthy.

Foreign Diversification – Managed Portfolio

To diversify into foreign markets, most social investors have had to rely on global SRI mutual funds. The collaboration between Harrington Investments and Castlebar Asset Management changes that paradigm by providing concerned individuals with the opportunity to invest directly in foreign stocks subjected to the same careful social and environmental screening criteria as those used to identify socially responsible corporations in the United States.