Castlebar Asset Management (CAM)

Castlebar Asset Management  is a US based asset manager with decades of experience enhancing the wealth of private and institutional investors. CAM was founded by Andrew Comstock  who established himself in Europe’s financial capitals managing international equity portfolios. Castlebar’s portfolio manager has been managing SRI portfolios since 2000.

CAM has a time-tested investment strategy based on years of research using our model which focuses on low volatility stocks. Working with this low volatility model, CAM use their experience and knowledge to build international stock portfolios designed to provide investors with solid long-term returns.

Harrington Investments, Inc. (HII)

Harrington InvestmentsHarrington Investments is dedicated to managing portfolios for individuals and institutions to maximize financial, social and environmental performance. Its portfolio managers use a disciplined strategy to identify socially responsible companies with solid financial management.

HII also actively engages in shareholder campaigns and other stakeholder strategies to promote greater corporate responsibility.

HII was founded by John Harrington, who pioneered SRI in California by writing the first state report on South African apartheid and U.S. corporate involvement, which resulted in one of the largest divestitures in the nation’s history. Ten years later, he founded HII, on the premise that investment decisions can create sustainable and socially responsible communities around the world.