A Referendum On CSR?

The Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman once wrote “the social responsibility of business is to increase profits.” An American public relations firm created a survey where they asked individuals from “the informed public” what their opinion was on Mr. Friedman’s message. An excerpt of  the results were published in The Economist.

The world’s striving nations tend to disdain CSR. The top ten Friedmanite countries include four emerging markets (India, Indonesia, Mexico and Poland) and two recently emerged ones (Singapore and South Korea). But there are important exceptions to the rule. Well-informed folk in China and Brazil almost match their peers in Germany and Italy in their enthusiasm for corporate do-gooding.

It is not surprising that several European nations were more in favor of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) than place like the UAE. What was interesting is to see Swede’s so opposed to CSR. The article suggests that because their cradle to grave safety net affords them little need for CSR.

Full Article Here: Milton Friedman goes on tour

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