The Rise of the Entrepreneur Activist

Paul Lamb writes for the Huffington Post:

Long gone are the days of street protests and hunger strikes. These days the socially concerned 30 and under crowd are mostly on laptops joining Facebook Causes pages, Tweeting their moral outrage, and texting $5 donations to disaster relief efforts in between TV shows. Slactivism rules… or so we are told.

Such portrayals ignore what many Gen Y and Zers (youth under 18 years of age) are doing in the real world to address poverty, injustice, global warming and other pressing issues of our day.

One increasingly popular hands-on approach is social enterprise.

Social enterprise — the merging of profit making businesses with social causes — presents a very different approach to social change. In the past most changemakers and activists viewed business as the enemy. Today an increasing number view it as a tool to achieve better results and a more practical way to sustain good works over time.

Read Lamb’s article:The Rise of the Entrepreneur Activist

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