A new energy wave

The image of wind and solar farms are the universal icons of renewable power. While wind and solar have seen tremendous gains in efficiency they are both still reliant on an input source that can sometimes be unpredictable. Another technological is nearing a “turning point” according to a report written by IHS Emerging Energy Research. Tidal energy is a renewable resource that captures energy from waves and currents in the ocean. The Green blog from the New York Times added:

Tides are particularly attractive sources of power because they are predictable, unlike sunshine and wind. Not surprisingly, countries with rough seas like Britain and Portugal are leading the way in exploring ocean power.

The potential of tidal energy is enormous:

The European Energy Association estimates that, globally, the oceans could yield more than 100.000 terawatt hours a year if the technology to harness that power can be perfected. That is more than five times the electricity the world uses in a year.

While the promise of tidal energy as a renewable energy source is undeniable it will be a few years before the technology is commercially viable.

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